Genuine Deutsch DT 3 Way Connector Kit

The Deutsch DT Series of environmentally-sealed connectors is specifically designed for cable-to-cable applications, where even a small degradation in the signal quality of the connection may be critical. The housings are moulded from thermoplastic material and silicon seals which helps the connector to withstand extremes of temperature (-55oC to +125oC) and pressurised moisture. Inserting and removing contacts requires no special tools and once they are in, the contacts are locked in place by dialectric fingers which are formed as part of the housing. Wedgelocks  (orange and green) are then inserted to secure the contacts in place.

Deutsch DT connectors are specifically designed for automotive, marine, harsh environment and heavy equipment applications where connections need to be established in a quick and efficient manner. The ability of the Deutsch DT connectors to pass on delicate signal circuits with a high level of reliability and performance at a low cost makes it one of the most sought after products in the automotive, industrial & commercial transportation sector.
These kits are available in 2, 3, 4, 6, 8 & 12 sizes.


 Green Band  Nickel  Gold  Green Band Gold
 Items Included   Quantity  Items Included   Quantity  Items Included   Quantity  Items Included   Quantity
 0462-209-16141  3  0462-201-16141  3  0462-201-1631  3  0462-209-1631  3
 0460-215-16141  3  0460-202-16141  3  0460-202-1631  3  0460-215-1631  3
 DT04-3P  1  DT04-3P  1  DT04-3P  1  DT04-3P  1
 DT06-3S  1  DT06-3S  1  DT06-3S  1  DT06-3S  1
 W3-P  1  W3-P  1  W3-P  1  W3-P  1
 W2-S  1  W2-S  1  W2-S  1  W2-S  1
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